Goal Making and Dance-Introduction

I’m currently interested in Goal Making and Dance.

As in other fields, the ability to make appropriate goals is essential to achievement in dance. And like most successful people, I think that successful dancers have some innate understanding of goal making. However, I suspect this aptitude is particularly present in technical goals. The ability to break down a physical ambition into a collection of manageable steps is something we are taught in class: passé before pirouette. However goals might be qualitative or psychological in nature or they might pertain to career success or to personal health and wellbeing and here I think many of us, though of course not all of us, struggle. My ultimate aim here is to help dancers to be as happy and healthy as the want, or need, to be, and evidence suggests that part of being happy and healthy is to do with appropriate goal setting. I would be equivocating if I did not disclose that this is personal to me; that I suspect I lack some valuable, happy-making, goal-setting skills. Much of this is to do with who I am a person of course, and many other personal factors that have influenced my character, but as far as this blog goes, I am interested in how the world of dance does or does not cultivate healthy goal making attitudes, and how we can help dancers make goals that bring satisfaction and success. 


From my curiosity, this blog is born! I am currently exploring the topic at hand with a wonderful group of students and for the next few weeks or maybe months, I will be writing about what I discover from our shared investigation of Goal Making and Dance. 


Related Reading

This is my all-time favorite read on the subject:

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Find it at: http://precisionmi.org/Materials/PeakPerformMat/mentallinkstoexcellence.pdf

And if you want to explore the topic more broadly, try:

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