Pilates for Teens

Adolescence is a critical time for developing a foundation of safe and effective movement habits. Fundamental conditioning lessons target the needs of growing teen-agers, who often lack the central strength to support their newly elongated limbs and are therefore not ready for adult fitness classes. With pilates-based fundamental exercises, I help young people build sound physical infrastructure and combat the postural hazards of sitting, computing, texting, and backpack schlepping. Equally valuable as the physical benefits, pilates lessons help adolescents hone intellectual and psychological skills for maintaining good health, igniting respect and curiosity for the body's phenomenal capabilities. Increased physical awareness is an empowering tool for achieving poise and physical competency that will serve an adolescent throughout the rest of life. 

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Pilates Fundamentals for Teens, Small Group Class

Mat class is limited to six students to ensure safety and that adequate attention is paid to each student's needs. Mat work is supplemented with small props including bands, blocks, balls, rings and arc barrels--all of which are provided. The tone of this class is rigorous, but not TOO serious! 

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