Pilates lessons provide time and space to reprogram habitual patterns at whatever pace the dancer needs while offering insight on mechanical, coordination, placement or anatomical challenges of dance technique. Lessons provide dancers with an opportunity to work on the physical challenges of dance in isolation, that is, without simultaneously attending to all the other things--like musicality, artistry, remembering choreography, and demonstrating technical competency--that together make dancing so complicated! Pilates exercises build strength, flexibility, and coordination; challenge students to think critically about movement; and encourage dancers to make physical and mental connections between daily life, dance class, and body conditioning. Additionally, anatomical information and imagery increase movement awareness and physical sensations. Pilates helps dance students take responsibility for the maintenance of their own instrument (the body) and provides tools for achieving health and wellbeing. As an experienced dancer and dance teacher, I am able to provide insight on issues that regularly vex dancers.

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When teaching pilates to young dancers, I aim to cultivate an environment of rigorous play and scientific experimentation, inspiring students to build dance skills, solve technical problems, and prevent injuries. Because of my considerable experience teaching young dancers, my working collaborations with dance-specific Physical Therapists, as well as my education in Dance Science, I am uniquely able to provide age-appropriate lessons that are specifically designed for growing, developing bodies. 



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